Cannabis Medicinalis

The Swiss solution for disseminating knowledge about medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis in Switzerland

Since August 1, 2022, Switzerland has implemented new legislation, simplifying patient access to medical cannabis and clarifying regulations for production and distribution. This legal change has sparked interest in the medical cannabis industry, potentially positioning Switzerland as a potential hub for international trade, research, and innovation.

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Cannabis Medicinalis

Cannabis Medicinalis is the Swiss solution for disseminating knowledge about medical cannabis. Through their events they support doctors, pharmacists, patients, and producers/manufacturers in the medical cannabis field. As a neutral platform, Cannabis Medicinalis offers services for customers from and for the medical cannabis sector.


Copeia’s digital health applications assist patients and support healthcare providers, including doctors, and other healthcare professionals in prescribing and managing cannabis medications.

Copeia’s platform combines AI-driven software and data-based analysis with expertise from international cannabinoid research and practical knowledge gained through collaboration with doctors, patients, pharmacies, and producers.

Since its founding in 2020, Copeia has been active in the German healthcare market. Copeia’s goal is to expand its digital health applications to other European countries and find partners to achieve this together.

Copeia aims to support patients, doctors, and all relevant stakeholders in the healthcare industry in Switzerland in the therapy with cannabis medications.

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Cannabis Medicinalis organizes events around medical cannabis.

Past Events


In October 2022, Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH organized the Cannabinnoid Conference 2022, which was the 12th IACM Congress and was held in collaboration with the first SGCM  Congress. This significant event brought together leading experts, physicians, researchers, and stakeholders from around the world to present and discuss the latest developments and research findings in the field of medical cannabis.

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Medical Cannabis Pavillon

Cannabis Medicinalis extends a helping hand to educate people in Switzerland about the benefits of medical cannabis. For instance, through the „Medical Cannabis Pavilion,“ where under one roof, professionals, patients, pharmacies, and manufacturers of medical cannabis provide education and assistance.

„Medical Cannabis Pavilion“ at CannaTrade 2024

May 24-26, 2024, Halle 622, Zurich

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Cannabis Medicinalis offers the following services in the medical cannabis sector:

  • Organization of trade fairs, congresses, meetings, and corporate events

  • Associations management

  • Project work and consulting


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